50/60 HZ Transformers All/Tran™

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This series of transformers is specifically manufactured to meet or exceed UL, CSA, VDE and IEC specifications. These transformers incorporate advanced dual bobbin nonconcentric design that reduces interwinding capacitance and eliminates the need for electrostatic shielding. Since the windings are balanced, no primary circulating currents are present. Use of high temperature, high stability materials results in excellent interwinding insulation and insulation between windings and core.

Slots in the bobbin flanges eliminate lead crossovers and the need for insulating pads resulting in improved lead termination. This series is PC plug-in mount in power ranges from 2.5 to 56 Volt/Amps. The transformers are HIPOT tested at 4000 Volts RMS and are manufactured to Class B, 130°C insulation.