How to Order


Maximum purchase quantities for e-commerce orders are indicated on the individual purchase page for each part.  They are limited to 1 reel or up to 1000 pieces of each item.  By placing an order through this website (via the Products area or by simply entering the exact Renco Part Number in the Renco Part # Search field above), you will save 10% on all standard catalog items.  Note that only standard catalog items can be purchased through our website.  Renco Electronics will do our best to fufill your online orders in a timely fashion.  If we are unable to do so, we will contact you immediately with stock quantity and lead time options. 
Orders can also be placed by calling our Sales Department at 321.637.1000, or send us a fax 321.637.1600. Also, request no-charge samples for your next project by going to the Request Samples area of our website.
Valerie Jackson