Low Cost 50/60 Hz Current Sensors

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This series of current sensors offers standard accuracy at low cost. The molded aperture is a PC mountable design made to meet IEC 360 and other safety agency requirements when used with an insulated conductor. These 50/60 cycle CT’s are capable of current ranges up to 200 Amps. Variations of this standard product can be accommodated.

Typical Applicatons

  • Switch gear/Switch board
  • Power failure
  • Load sensing
  • Loss of device
  • Power demand monitoring
  • Status of loads


  • Molded aperture for primary wire(s)
  • Frequency range from 47-400 Hz
  • Meets IEC, VDE and UL specifications
  • Low cost


  1. Ip: Primary Current
  2. V/A: Output per input amps
  3. RL: Terminating Resistor
  4. RS: Winding resistance
  5. WT: Approximate net weight in grams
  6. All materials conform to UL94-VO
  7. Manufactured to UL class B insulation (130°C)
  8. Temperature Range: -55°C to +130° C
  9. Overload current rated for a 100 ohm terminating resistor
  10. Overload current for RL-7100-25-100 rises to 50 amps when using a  50 ohm terminating resistor
  11. The terminating resistor and the one-turn primary are customer supplied
  12. Pins 3 and 4 are used for mechanical support, may also be used for center tap and other custom designs