Current Sensors

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These encapsulated Current Sensing coils are designed for PCB mounting and are used as a nonintrusive method of controling, monitoring or measuring AC currents. The sensors are non-contact devices having no DC power loss resulting in no heating problems. High quality toroids are used in order to obtain optimum performance over the designated current and frequency range.


  • Molded Aperture for Primary Wire(s)
  • Frequency Range Up to 100kHz
  • Meets VDE Specifications
  • PC Board Mounting


  • Isolated current feed-back signal in Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Motor current load/overload
  • Isolated bi-directional current sensor with full wave bridge rectifier
  • Ultra-sound current
  • High resolution sonar current


  • Maximum operating temperature: 130°C.
  • Maximum ratings are with a 1 turn primary and specified secondary terminating resistance.
  • Amp/microsecond (A/usec) rating of primary equals Volt/microsecond (V/usec) rating of secondary when the secondary is terminated with its specified resistance. (Note: A/usec is equal to the product of a square wave pulse current, in Amps, multiplied by the current pulse width in microseconds.)
  • Inductor scale factor is: Vout = 1 Volt/Amp when the specified terminating resistance is used.