Molded Wire-Wound Chip Inductors

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Surface Mount




  • Leaching resistant terminations due to metal tab electrodes.
  • Coils encapsulated in heat-proof resin achieve accurate dimensions and are resistant to mechanical shock or pressure.
  • High resistance to heat and humidity.



  • Microtelevisions
  • Liquid crystal televisions
  • Video cameras
  • Car stereos
  • Television tuners
  • Cell phones
  • Radio equipment and modules such as hybrid ICs.



  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +130°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +125°C



  • After mounting components onto printed circuit board, be careful not to bend or mishandle the board.
  • When hand soldering, apply solder iron to the printed circuit board only.
  • Temperature of the iron tip should not exceed 230°C with soldering time < 3 seconds.


Reflow soldering condition:

  • 230°C+/5°C (260°C+/5°C for Pb free).


Tape and  Reel Packaging

Part Number     Pieces per reel     Plastic reel size
RL-2535                  1,000                          13”