Swingductor™ Vertical Mount

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Electricity identical to RL-1386 Series but uses convenient toroid boat for easy, rugged, printed circuit board mounting. Can be used to mount any type toroid.


  1. Inductance ±25%, measured at 1 KHz on ESI Model #252.
  2. Drive level at which you test is important.
  3. Leads for PC mounting tinnned to within 1/16" of body.
  4. Nonstandard values available on request.
  5. Encapsulation available.
  6. RDC measured @20°C.
  7. On larger units and units wound with finer wire additional mechanical mounting is recommended.
  8. Horizontal mounted units also available.
  9. Saturation currents shown are for MAXIMUM drop of L indicated, i.e., if 20% drop for a 100µH choke is at 2 Amps, at 2 Amps the L will be  ≥ 80µH.