Radial leaded power line chokes

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The RL-1256 Series of Power Line Chokes is available in 367 standard values covering a wide range of inductance and current. High saturation flux density material is ideal for use in switching regulated power supply applications. Ideal wherever high current choke values in a small physical size are needed.

Typical Applications

  • Speaker Crossover Networks
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Power Supplies
  • Filters
  • SCR and Triac Controls


  1. Saturation current lowers inductance 5%
  2. Inductance ±10% measured at 1KHz, values below 10µH±20%
  3. Leads for PC mounting tinned to within 1/16" of body
  4. Non-listed values available on request
  5. Coils finished with sleeving UL-VW-1 rated
  6. Encapsulated to MIL-T-27D available, see Renco RL-1324 Series
  7. Center hole for mechanical mounting
  8. 500 VDC hi pot for 1 minute (winding to I.D. of core)
  9. RDC measured @ 20°C
  10. Spacer available at additional cost to facilitate PC board washing