Message from the President

November 14, 2014


Dear Customers, Suppliers and Associates,


We are now live with our new IFS ERP system.

Our team is working diligently to stay ahead of the tribulations of a completely new computer system.

As we move through the various levels of complexity we are continually reminded of the importance of keeping our customers and suppliers content.

Our new ERP provides an integrated view of our core business processes, in real-time, using a common database. We will be tracking all of our business resources, like cash, raw materials, and production capacity; not to mention the status of commitments, such as orders, purchases, sales, accounting, etc. Our goal is to provide employees, customers, suppliers and any outside stakeholder’s information flow between all business functions.

This boils down to being able to manage Renco Electronics, Inc. from deeper depths than ever before!

We expect some surprises along the way, so please bear with us. All the hard work and sacrifice will eventually bring error-free transactions across all departments.

We know this will lead to happier associates, placing more orders than ever before!



Edward W. Rensing